New tamper-evident packaging seals on every bag.


Contactless delivery for every meal prepared in our kitchens.


Guests are separated by 6 feet using line markers in the restaurant.



Individuals directly affected by COVID-19 may receive pay equal to their upcoming 2-week schedule or average hours worked.

24/7 Mental/Emotional Health Support

Every employee has access to mental and emotional health support via their mobile phone.


In addition to issuing $9M in discretionary bonuses to our restaurant teams, Chipotle increased hourly pay by 10% to help them and their families during this time.


Chipotle is leading the way in food safety and team wellness. Here are some of our existing protocols as well as additional precautions we’re taking to provide real food with real care.


Every employee receives a wellness check to ensure they are healthy and symptom-free.


We maintain a clean environment in our restaurants and employ safe food handling practices.


We clean and sanitize our restaurants and high-touch areas using sanitizer that has been validated by the EPA to be effective against COVID-19



Our food is prepared in small batches to ensure freshness and safety.


Chipotle team members wear gloves while handling food and are washing their hands every hour at minimum.

To our Chipotle guests, 

While we’re encouraged to see an apparent stabilization in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, we understand that we must remain focused and ensure we’re continuing to provide support for those who need it most. Cultivating a Better World is a collective effort and we must all do our part to contribute and ensure our communities are stronger than ever.

The reason we’re able to serve fresh, real ingredients daily is because of our incredible farming partners. Reduced demand across the nation has left these farmers dumping crops and facing more challenges than ever. Chipotle is committed to supporting the hard-working individuals that supply our ingredients with bold actionable steps that will help the industry survive. We have committed to increasing our local sourcing and providing long term contracts so our partners can sustain their farming practices. You can learn more about our efforts to support the agricultural community, as well as food, animals, the environment, and people in our recently published Sustainability Report Update.

Additionally, we’ve previously shared how we’re providing extensive support for our employees during this time and outlined the many steps that have been taken to ensure safety. We have extended the temporary 10% increase in hourly pay to restaurant employees for all hours they work between March 16 and June 7. This assistance pay is simply one of the ways that we’re expressing our appreciation for those who are willing and able to continue working during this time. Today, we’ll also be opening registration for healthcare workers to sign up for free burritos. Chipotle is issuing an additional 100,000 burritos as result of our recently completed buy one, give one 4HEROES promotion.

In some areas across the country, stay at home orders and social distancing tactics are beginning to be removed or relaxed. However, getting back to the way of life and business we’re accustomed to consists of a gradual process that will take time and may differ based on the U.S. state or county where you live. We’re going to take steady, careful steps informed by local governments and public health officials to reopen our restaurant dining rooms. There is no official timeline that we can share at the moment, but we’ll continue to provide access to our real food with in-restaurant takeout, pick-up and delivery. To ensure we’re making it easy for our guests, we’ve suspended all delivery fees through May 10th.

I’m proud of the Chipotle teams for exhibiting perseverance, an innovative spirit, willingness to embrace change and their commitment to Cultivating a Better World, and we greatly appreciate your ongoing support. Please stay safe!

Thank You,
Brian Niccol
Chairman and CEO, Chipotle


Q: How is Chipotle responding to the COVID-19 outbreak?

A: We continue to follow our existing industry-leading protocols, which prepare us for unforeseen events like COVID-19.   In addition, we have expanded emergency leave benefits for employees impacted by this outbreak, increased sanitation of high-touch, high-traffic areas, introduced a tamper-evident sticker for mobile pick-up and delivery orders, and increased precautions in areas of the country where there have been emergencies declared due to COVID-19. 


Q: Should I be concerned about the safety of my Chipotle meal? 

A: According to FDA, there is currently no evidence to suggest that food produced in the United States can transmit COVID-19. 


Q: How do I know that the Purell in your restaurants is effective against this virus?

A: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published a list of chemicals that have been validated to be effective against SARS-CoV-2, the specific coronavirus that causes COVID-19.  This list includes Purell.  You can view the entire list of products on EPA’s website


Q: How can I get a burrito without coming into the restaurant? 

A: Delivery orders are customized via Chipotle’s Digital Kitchen, which is comprised of a dedicated ingredient line operated by a special team.  The Digital Kitchen provides guests with the same great Chipotle experience whether they choose to dine in, order ahead and pick up, or have it delivered. Learn more about your ordering options here.


Q: Are the ingredients in my meal still being responsibly sourced? 

A: Yes, our supply chain teams are working diligently to ensure that we will still be able to serve you real food, with real ingredients, even throughout these uncertain times.  We will not compromise on this commitment to our guests.


Q: How are you taking care of your employees?

A: At Chipotle, investing in our people is core to our mission of Cultivating a Better World and during these challenging times, we continue to find ways to support our employees personally and financially. Despite the unforeseen situation impacting March performance which would have resulted in quarterly bonuses being near zero, Chipotle’s leadership team has approved discretionary bonuses of nearly $6.5M to be issued to Field Leaders, General Managers and Apprentices. On average, individuals will see quarterly bonuses ranging from $3,700 for Field Leaders, $1,800 for Restaurant General Managers and $650 for Apprentices. In addition, restaurants that achieved the specified goals required for the all-crew bonus during the months of January and February will receive their bonuses, totaling approximately $360k. Our 85,000 employees also receive access to a financial counseling benefit through Ayco’s digital platform so they can receive support now and prepare for their future.

In addition to the quarterly bonuses, we expressed our appreciation for those who are willing and able to continue working during this time with assistance pay, a 10% increase in hourly pay for restaurant employees who work between March 16 and June 7, 2020, as well as a $500 one-time Manager Assistance Bonus to our Restaurateurs and General Managers and $250 to our Apprentices who work through the month of April. In total, we’re paying out nearly $9M in bonuses to our restaurant employees so far this year. We have also expanded our emergency leave benefits to accommodate those directly affected by COVID-19. These individuals may receive pay equal to their upcoming 2-week schedule or average hours worked, whichever is greater. For employees utilizing our education benefits, we’re no longer enforcing the hourly requirements for this semester. These efforts are in addition to our existing industry leading benefits such as paid sick leave starting on the first day of employment, vacation, paid time off and personal leave options as well as medical care and access to mental health wellness support for employees and their families through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and HealthAdvocate. 

All restaurant support center employees have been instructed to work remotely until further notice.

Q: Are you supplying masks for your employees?

A: All restaurants have been supplied with masks, which employees are required to wear as part of their uniform.